2012年にリリースした3rd mini album”DACK5.1″はDOACOCKのこれまでのスタイルに加え更にライブバンドとして確立すべく、オーディエンスを巻き込んだパーティーチューンを揃え、ジャンルを問わないALL OK!!なスタイルで、老若男女、不良も良い子も楽しめる遊び場を演出。

現在は、たくさんのサポートメンバーに支えられつつ、ホーンセクションなども加えたNEW PARTY SOUNDで会場を目下盛り上げ中。


(I’m including venue limited ep) total of seven pieces of a single sound source release so far from the three-piece era. It is not to fall into a model, at that time we style that continues to shape the music to sound, put the emphasis on harmony and melody, support from a certain music and officials audience of ear always thick. 

3rd mini album “DACK5.1” was released in 2012 to establish as this further to a live band in addition to the style of the DOACOCK, align the party tune that engulfed the audience, does not matter the genre ALL OK !! style , in directing young and old, the poor also a good child can enjoy the playground.

Currently, while being supported by a large number of support members, we are currently exciting the venue with the NEW PARTY SOUND, including the horn section.

Celebrating 2019! 20th anniversary of the formation! !